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Growth Groups

Growth Groups are held each Wednesday evening from 6:15 to 7:15. These groups offer another way to grow in your faith, connect with your church family, and focus on topics that are especially important to you. The classes listed below will start on January 4, 2023. 

You can register HERE!

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Facilitators: JoAnn & Donny Holley

     After over a quarter century of ministry, Warren Wiersby says he is convinced that spiritual immaturity is the number one problem in our churches. God is looking for mature men and women to carry on His work, and sometimes all He can find are little children who cannot even get along with each other. The study of the Book of James can help in this matter. The timeless truth that James presents is that Christians must put their faith into action. Faith that Christians claim must be demonstrated in all the situations and circumstances of life. James shows how Christian faith and Christian love should be expressed in a variety of actual situations. 

Facilitators: Katie Oates & Teresa Pope

     Never in the history of civilization have we been more connected and felt more alone. We are all so lonely. What if the ways we have set up our lives are fundamentally broken? 

     In the Find Your People video Bible study, bestselling author Jennie Allen looks at the original community in Genesis, the Trinity, and the creation of people to see what God had planned for us all along. Jennie offers practical solutions for creating true community in a world that's both more connected and more isolating than ever before. 

     Jennie helps us discover exactly how to dive into the deep end and experience the full wonder of community. Along the way, we'll discover the five life patterns required to build deep, connected relationships.

     The book is available on the Amazon and Lifeway websites.

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Gorwing UP_edited.jpg

Facilitator: Ron Pate

     God's call on your life and mine was not simply to be one of His disciples but to make disciples. This book and study provide a manual for discipleship. Not only will you grow deeper but you will grow up and begin to cause others to become disciplies. You will not be learning for yourself only, but YOU will grow up into that disciple maker that Jesus desires for us all to be.


     The book cost may vary. We are trying to find a number of copies at a discounted price. Please sign up to help us plan for all members of the class to purchase the book at a discounted price.

Facilitator: Lisa Brumback

     Something happened. It might have been yesterday. It might have been years ago. But it hurt. And it changed you. And unless you forgive those who wronged you, the heart wound will become infected and spread. Eventually, you can become a prisoner of your own wounded heart.

     If the story ended here, you would be hurt beyond healing. But the Good New is, it is not finished. In his creative, story-driven, highly motivating style, Bruce reveals in the words of Jesus Christ how you can find the freedom and peace your heart longs for. Discover forgiveness that is for real and forever.

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Facilitator: Jeff Oates

     Daily, it's getting more challenging to be a man. Our present culture is redefining manhood and confusing men in their pursuit of Biblical manhood. But how will you respond? What will you say and do when the world demands a response?

     Discover how to respond by rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, loving unconditionally, living with integrity, serving humbly, and investing eternally. Let others see masculinity and manhood through the lens of Christ in your life with these seven characteristics and become a better man, husband, father and leader.

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