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Here at Palmerdale Cross Baptist Church, we believe that a firm foundation in the family is extremely important. We also realize that Family Ministry doesn't always look like "Family". For example, in the united states, 5.7 million children live in grandparent lead households and that number is continuing to rise. That's why here at Palmerdale Cross we look at everyone as family and realize that as fellow believers we are all called to lift each other up and help each other grow in our Christian walk. If you are nursery - college-age and coming to church with your grandparents, aunt, uncle, family member or by yourself you are part of our Family Ministry when you walk through the door. What that means is that we as a church can establish a biblical understanding from the time that a child can fully understand the gospel and walk he or she through children's ministry, student ministry and watch as they graduate into a world that desperately needs strong Christian leaders.

Family ministry should bring inspiration and joy to the entire church, and life and health to the home. 

Children Ministry: PC Kids 

From nursery, preschool to elementary, Children here at Palmerdale Cross will be taught the Bible and how they can apply it to their lives at an early age. Obviously, all kids learn differently and at different times of their life. One thing that is constant in their life is how we teach them, If we start early and they understand the bible and why we do the things that we do at church it makes it easier to build on as they grow older. Normally there are two questions that parents ask their kids when they visit a new church, Did you have fun? and what did you learn? Here at PC Kids, we want that line to be very close, your kids are going to have a great time but, they are also going to learn about the most important thing and that is Jesus. 

Wednesday Night:    Nursery                                      
                                 Pre-School Class
                                 PC Kids Wed Night Class  (K-5th) 

Sunday Morning:      Sunday School
                                 - Nursery 
                                 - Pre-School Church Class 
                                 - PC Kids Church (K-5th) 

Student Ministry: PC Students 

Palmerdale Cross Students is structured in such a way that students can grow together and have community with each other. Whether it's going on a trip to the beach for a conference or just hanging out and watching a movie, we want everyone that joins our group to know that they are loved by us but most importantly loved by Jesus. Within our group, you will find that we strive to encourage each other and build a family model within the Church. We pray for each other and we are also there to lift each other up when times get hard.


Wednesday Night: PC Student Worship (6th - College)
Sunday Morning: PC Student Bible Study

No upcoming events at the moment
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