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Lift your head up!

In this time of constant uncertainty, I want to encourage you. We have an amazing father who has given us His word. Psalm 24 truly was the Word that I needed to hear this morning. The Psalm handed out 3 beautiful reminders that may help you through today.

1. The Earth belongs to the Lord. How easy is it for us to forget that simple truth. In the pandemic that we are living through, we get caught looking at others to be our solution. We hope in the CDC, World Health, or White House can come up with a solution to ease our burden and plight. God is our creator. He is our Hope. He is working all this for His Glory.

2. God allows us to draw near. The fact that God allows us to draw near to Him is a beautiful truth. Our salvation in Christ Jesus puts us in an intimate position with God. His imputed righteousness is what makes us whole. All this works together to give us clean hands and a pure heart. So in this time, lean into God the Father. Let Him be your sustaining joy!

3. Lift up your head. Such beautiful words. Psalm 24 does not make light of our situation or plight but rather speaks that in the midst of our situation that we should lift up our heads. Lift your head so that the King may come in. Not just any king, but the King of Gory! The Lord is strong and mighty. He is mighty in battle. Take courage, the Lord is bigger than your situation. He is bigger than your fears. He loves you!

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